Freelance Flash, Flex, Flash Lite designer and developer, Brussels, Belgium.

Jérôme Cordiez, Multimedia Something

Lolitastudio is the personal website of Jérôme Cordiez, Flash designer and developer, "multimedia something".
I mainly work with Flash, conceiving and building rich websites, animations, and/or rich internet applications (the infamous RIA). But I also do some print design from time to time, as well as "classical" webdesign. I can also draw and illustrate a but, and I did some video and 3D work in the past.
Oh, and I teach too. I currently give multimedia classes at an advertising school here in Brussels, and I am an Adobe Certified Instructor.

I have worked for various clients, amongst which Belgcaom, Ford, Ikea, Renault, Total, Wonderbra, Dassault Systèmes, Randstad, Nokia, Skynet, Belgian Government, ...

Web Publish Flash

Edit Pages Panel : manage site structure Pictures Panel : upload and insert pictures Edit Text Panel : format text, create links Edit Tables Panel : create and edit tables General overview : picture inside table inside textfield Widgets Panel : insert forms and other rich assets View Stats Panel : view results
Agency: DAD - 2004.
WEBPublish Flash is the name of a Flash Content Management System I developped for the account of Digital Age Design, one of Belgium's leading Internet agency. I took in charge the design, functional analysis, architecture, and front-end development (ActionScript) of the whole application, as well as its integration with an existing back-end solution (.NET/PHP).
The application features about everything needed in a WYSIWYG CMS targetting SME's with standard web-presence needs : Site structure management, rich text editing, image manipulation, tables, forms and basic statistics. Refer to the images and animations above for a more complete list of available features.
Special care was given to the application's architecture, in order to facilitate the quick integration and maintenance of managed websites, as well as allowing extensibility with custom widgets (forms, news ticker, weather display, ...), developped on a per-project basis.
Check for an example of a WEBPublishFlash managed website.
For more information about this solution, check out

Miss Wonder

Miss Wonder : Homepage Miss Wonder : Profile choice Miss Wonder : Create your cover Miss Wonder : Cover gallery Miss Wonder : Vote for best covers !
Agency: Bureau347 - September 2006
Mini-site for Wonderbra. The pitch behind this website was to allow women to create their own cover of a fictious brand magazine, named Miss Wonder. Once the cover created, it can be sent via email to the contestant's friends, trying to make them believe the contestant became Wonderbra's new model. Contestants receive a dynamically generated PDF coupon, and visitors are later on encouraged to vote for their favorite covers, and/or to create their own.
Art Direction by Bureau 347, Flash animation, architecture, ActionScript and PHP development by myself.
Online at

Nokia @ Festivals

Nokia @ Festivals : Language choice Nokia @ Festivals Nokia @ Festivals Nokia @ Festivals Nokia @ Festivals
Agency: These Days - July 2005
Micro-site in support to Nokia's presence at belgian music festivals during summer 2005. Concept and art direction by These Days, Flash design and integration by myself. Still online at


Christmas e-card - 2003 No War - 2003 Bored - 2004 Love - 2003 Christmas stuff - 2003 No War project - 2003 Coke - 2001 Johnnie Walker - 2001
Personal project - since 1999.
Lolita is the name of a 3D characted I created at the end of 1999. Based on a 2D Flash toy I made for my first website, it was at first designed to illustrate the different sections of my second website, which I never finished, for various reasons. Since then, I did a few visuals using that characted in various conditions, most of the time reflecting a personal mood or feeling.

Wedding invitations

Overall view Overall view
Personal project - June 2005.
Invitations for my very own wedding. The theme of the wedding being Venice, we decided to work on the concept of playing cards, because it allowed to make subtle references to Venice (icononography, costumes, gaming history) and because it fitted perfectly with the functional constraint of multiple cards invitation (cocktail, dinner, party).
Original concept by my wife and I, illustrations and layout by myself.

Feeling Boutique

Feeling boutique : scrolling interface Feeling boutique : scrolling interface Feeling boutique : select a category Feeling boutique : viewing an item Feeling boutique : sending an item to a friend
March 2003
Feeling is the name of a luxury fashion boutique, based near Antwerp. Online at


Home page : news Studio information Contact information Projects details - 1 Project details - 2 Project details - 3 Project details, focus change - 4
January 2004
Flash website for Luxemburg-based architecture office Metaform. The concept behind the site was to create something as compact as possible, all the core info being listed on a little handy, simple, card (which's format is based on the business cards of the firm). All the extra information (project details p.ex) are on separated cards, appearing on demand. This approach, and the overall look of the site, was inspired by the design work of the studio, very humble and simple yet contemporary... Offline, but a copy lies at

Electronic voting simulation

Electronic voting simulation Electronic voting simulation
Agency: DAD - March 2004
Flash simulation of Belgium's electronic voting procedure. Placed on Belgium's national portal, this little application reproduces exactly the voting procedure for Belgium's regional and/or national elections, with all the complex business rules due to Belgium's particular political and regional organisation :). The simulation is driven by real data formatted in XML.
Online at

Randstad Who's Who

Randstad Who's Who Randstad Who's Who Randstad Who's Who
Agency: DAD - April 2005
Flash module for Randstad's new Intranet. This little contextual XML-driven application consists of a dynamic tree view allowing users to quickly find company members inside the rather complex Randstad's organigram.
Graphic design and back-end development by Digital Age Design, Flash development by myself


Metadata definition for courses, chapters, lessons Choosing a template for a page Importing a picture Drawing content Changing objects colors Creating questions
Agency: DAD - 2004
ELCA stands for Easy Learning Content Authoring. Aimed at large corporations with important instructional needs, ELCA is a flash-based application that enables companies to quickly create complete, SCORM compliant, online courses.
In brief, it can be seen as a webbased Powerpoint alike, producing SCORM-compliant content, allowing users to define and edit courses structure, choose pages templates, input and draw content, create questions, choose transition effects etc etc...
Refer to the images above for a visual view of available features. I took in charge the functional analysis, architecture, front-end and back-end development (ActionScript/PHP) of this application, that finally was discontinued (Note the above screenshots are taken from the latest pre-alpha, unfinished, version.

ITG Consulting

Unfolded view Front view
May 2005
Folder for IT consulting firm, based in Brussels

Price Perception V.2

Home page Interactive video form Ideal formula presentation Tell a friend video form 7 errors video game 7 errors video game
Agency: DAD - March 2005
Price Perception is the name of a global campaign launched by Belgacom (Belgiums national phone company) in order to make existing and potential clients aware of the various phone rates they proposed. For the second wave of this campaign, DAD launched a highly interactive mini-site, using a virtual video hostess that interacts with flash forms and animations as well as with visitors to question them about their calling habits, helping them to find their ideal pricing plan, which the application calculates according to visitors answers.
Art direction and graphic design by Digital Age Design. I was in charge of Flash development, which included heavy media management (over 30 Mb of videos!), game development, pricing plan calculations, and a few database exchanges.

Sébastien Léger

Contact page
October 2006
Mini-site for French musician, DJ and producer Sébastien Léger. Sébastien wanted a very simple site, but with a nice'n sexy, eye-catching look :). Online at Inline skating accessories

Illustration detail Home page Product details Check out
November 2005
In november 2005, I started my own e-commerce website, dedicated to providing hardcore inline skaters top-of-the-line skating accessories, such as wheels, bearings, frames, tools, etc.
Being my own client, I took in charge the entire conception and development of this website, from art direction and photography to complex Zencart (PHP open source ecommerce platform) integration and copywriting.
Online at

Plug"n Sale

Starting page Selecting demos to download Downloading demos Selecting documents to download Synchronizing downloaded demos and documents
Agency: DAD - July 2004
Plug'n Sale is the name of an innovative Flash-based semi-connected application, that allows Belgacom's (Belgiums national phone company) sales teams to manage documents and presentations they use. Thanks to this tool, sales persons can manage the content of a dedicated USB stick, downloading up-to-date demos on demand, and automatically updating documents, thanks to a synchronization process with the company's intranet.
Graphic design by Digital Age Design, I took in charge the functional analysis, architecture, and front-end development (ActionScript) of the whole application.

My Kid City

Login screen Create your avatar Preview your avatar Define your profile Preview your profile Edit your room Edit your room Insert a picture
January 2006
My Kid City is a new online community, part of the Skynet kidcity website. The first phase of the development of this new community consisted in the introduction of new applications allowing kids to subscribe, define a profile, create a personnal avatar, and, most important, create their own "My Kid City" space in the form of a personnalised room, where they can put furniture of their choice, received upon subscription or bought through a dedicated virtual store.
These applications being the first phase of a broader poject, a robust and reusable framework had to been conceived. I took in charge the ActionScript 2 architecture and development (ActionScript) of the whole application.
Graphic design and illustration by Renaud Collin, PHP development by Clment Noterdaem.


Industries choice Configuring your solution Reviewing your solution Request for quotation
Agency: Bureau347 - July 2006
Flash application for Dassault Systèmes. My PLM is a new tool allowing DS's prospects and clients to configure high-end software solutions and request for quotes online. This complex development involved building a complex cart system, multilingual development (dynamic font embedding, support for oriental languages such as chinese, japanese and russian), video sequencing, on-the-fly PDF generation.
Art Direction and graphic design by Bureau347, Flash and PHP/MySQL development by myself.
Online at

Bering Odyssey

Home page Daily journal Interactive localisation map Media gallery Message board
Agency: DAD - February 2005
Flash website for the "Bering Odyssey". Art direction and graphic design by Digital Age Design. I was in charge of the Flash development of this site, which included the development of many dynamic sections such as daily news (multi-column flowing text), a media gallery, an interactive map, a poll, and a message board.
Online at


Calendar project 1 Projects presentation Calendar project 2 More info?... More info?...
Since 1999
Drafts for this website... It took me very long to decide myself on the layout on this website, a lot of attemps were made, some of which you can see here.